Fast Flange Socket Tools

No Tool Faster for any Flange Disaster

The inventor of the Fast Flange Socket tool is a master plumber with over 35 years experience.  He became frustrated with doing a job that should be quick and simple, but was often difficult, time-consuming, and knuckle busting.  The Fast Flange Socket tool is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to install or remove threaded flanges.  Our tools are manufactured to the highest standard right here in the USA and we take great pride in delivering a quality product.  We use tool-grade steel and all of our tools are zinc coated to military grade SC4 standards.

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Our tools are tough.  This video shows a stress test of one of our tools.  A pneumatic impact wrench running at 120 psi was attached and ran for 30 minutes.  As you can see, the impact wrench was running directly into the nut-drive.  The nut-drive was "miked" before and after the stress test and there was no statistically significant deformation of the nut drive...all specs remained within standards.




Fast Flange Product Line


Invented by a master plumber with over 35 years industry experience. This product was developed to simplify what should be an easy job, installing and removing threaded flanges. The Fast Flange socket tool is the easiest, fastest and safest way to install and remove a threaded flange.

The traditional way of installing or removing a threaded flange requires a pipe wrench. This is unwieldy, time consuming and results in busted knuckles 

No Tool Faster for any Flange Disaster


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