FFS1 is 2 bolt pump flange and the smallest tool we manufacture.  FFS 1 is four tools in one, it fits 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", and 1 1/2" threaded flanges and accepts 1/2" socket drives and a 1" socket or wrench.  FFS 1 comes standard with a 1/4" rubber gasket and doubles as a blind flange and is ideal for use on multi-zone boilers.  Just bolt one FFS 1 on the intake side and another FFS 1 on the output side.  Unaffected zones remain operable.  A service tech did exactly that in North Dakota with a temperature at -20.  The home had heat overnight to all unaffected zones.  The next day, a new pump was installed...another disaster avoided.

FFS 2 is three tools in one, it fits 2", 2 1/2", and 3" threaded flanges.  It accepts a 3/4" drive and 1 1/2" socket or wrench.    

FFS 3 is the largest tool we manufacture is two tools in one, it fits 3 1/2" and 4" threaded flanges.  As with FFS 2, it also accepts a 3/4" drive and 1 1/2' socket or wrench.


You'll note that it requires a 36" pipe wrench to install/remove a 2" threaded flange.  Good luck if you have clearance issues.  If you use a pipe wrench to install a 4" flange, you'll need a 60" pipe wrench.  It is difficult enough to utilize a pipe wrench on a round flange, add additional annoyance and time if you're attempting to get the pipe wrench onto an oval flange.  Service techs have told us the Fast Flange Socket tool paid for itself the first time they used it.  Don't understand why anyone would use a pipe wrench to install/remove a threaded flange.


No clearance issues here.  An FFS2 is attached to a 3” round flange and it is connected to a 3/4” ratchet with the 3/4” square drive.  You could just as easily use the ratchet with a 1 1/2” socket if that’s your preference.  Using a ratchet with our tool is the easy, time-saving, safe, and profitable way to install a threaded flange. Remember, this is three tools in one because it fits 2", 2 1/2", and 3" threaded flanges.   Who needs the additional stress of using an unwieldy pipe wrench?  Use our tools and stay happy.

1 1/2" ratchet wrench attached to our tool and 3" threaded round flange.  Remember, if you were using a pipe wrench on this baby it'd take a 48" pipe wrench...I get tired arms and aching knuckles just thinking about that struggle.  Imagine the torque and power this ratchet wrench can apply to break a threaded flange that's been on the pipe for 30 years.  Money in your pocket and no headache. 

FFS2 attached to 3” round flange - Top View

FFS2 attached to 3” round flange - Bottom View


We're Adaptable!

FFS 1 using a ratchet drive.

FFS 1 using a ratchet wrench or open-end wrench.

FFS 2 with ratchet drive adapter.

FFS 1 with battery powered Milwaukee 90 degree ratchet with 1" socket.  Please note another option is to use the 1/2" drive directly without a 1" socket.

FFS 2 with battery powered Milwaukee impact wrench with 1/2" drive to 3/4" drive adapter. 


This video shows a stress test of one of our tools.  A pneumatic impact wrench running at 120 psi was attached to an FFS 2 and ran for 30 minutes.  As you can see, the impact wrench was running directly into the nut-drive.  The nut-drive was "miked" before and after the stress test and there was no statistically significant deformation of the nut drive...all specs remained within standards.


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